Commercial music and brand voices

Earworms and memorable sounds

What does your brand sound like?

A question few can answer very easily. At Soundart we have deep roots in music making. We work with our customers to find the true voice of their brand, be it a catchy song or a convincing soundscape. The most important stage is when no notes have been written and no song has been sung. At that point we ask, “why are we doing this, and at what and to whom is it aimed?”

We look for references to help us crystalize the assignment and help us find the right style, mood and form. Each of us has our own taste and style. For some a romantic candlelit dinner should be accompanied by sounds of an operatic aria, for others some mellow Jazz. With the help of references, we are able to establish the desired atmosphere that best communicates our common vision.

Sound branding is more than just music. It’s a matter of detail, what kind of voice best fits the brand, how does the brand speak? Is the soundscape energetic and lively enough or should it be compassionate, soft and close to nature?

Our passion is to make your brand sound instantly recognizable and consistent across all media: video, television, online and radio.

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